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            The benefits of musical instruments in children

            There are also plenty of these. Just think of your child's self-confidence. Like to perform for mom and dad and family. It is a way to express their emotions, and it gives them a lot of freedom. It helps them in motor skills, both fine and large. Even dancing along when their brother or sister is playing helps them with this. It will also help them later in school with social emotions, and even with language development. Nor should we forget hand-eye coordination. Enough advantages!

            Musical instruments from 1 year old

            A fun age to introduce musical instruments. They will soon understand where the sounds come from and how to make them. Think of the high and low tones when hitting a xylophone. Simple, but a lot of fun for a child to do. Playing a musical instrument is a fun activity to do alone but also together with friends. And who knows, your toddler may soon be giving the biggest concert for friends and family.

            Does playing an instrument help make your child smarter?

            Much research has already been done on this, does it actually help make you smarter or does it only contribute in improving the cognitive process. Recent studies have proven that listening to music or playing an instrument does have an effect on this. If we think logically, you sometimes need quite a bit of patience when learning an instrument. The sooner you manage to keep this patience, the easier you can apply it later in life. Certain substances are also released into the brain while listening or playing the instrument. These ensure that the brain can develop better in this. This makes you stronger, smarter and better at doing activities throughout the day. It can also contribute to your coordination and your memory is increased.


            It is well known to everyone that music can respond enormously to our emotions. That one song that always makes you feel sad, or euphoric. But the emotion that arises as soon as you know how to play the difficult song on the guitar or piano is of course great. You may have been practicing this for a long time. Together with your memory and your automatic hand movement, it has finally come together and you can now play it almost without preview. This of course also provides a great feeling and boost in your self-confidence regardless of your age.

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