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              An Australian company founded by mother Amelia. The reason behind Bambooty was the terrible eczema of her first daughter Hannah. Amelia soon learned that the disposable diapers made the eczema worse. Now was the time for her to switch to washable diapers. The washable diapers at that time were not great yet, but they did reduce the eczema. After a few months with a lot of leaks, bad stitching and wide designs, she wanted to try it for herself. It was important for Amelia to design a diaper that would be good for her baby, but also easy to use for her husband. Not much later, Amelia was making diapers for family, friends and friends of friends. In 2008 the Bambooty brand was born.

              Together with a great team they design the diapers in Australia. The diapers themselves are produced in China. Her parents manage the storage of the diapers, as this is located at their home. Together with her friends, they work from home to make the brand what it is today.

              Comfort for your child.

              The use of Bamboo materials is extremely important at Bambooty. The bamboo is a luxurious soft fiber that also absorbs very well. The diapers are free of chemicals and are therefore much softer for your child's skin.


              At Bambooty they know better than anyone how expensive it can be to lounge children in disposable diapers. A baby can already go through 5000 diapers before they are completely toilet trained. In addition, it can take 500 years for these diapers to be processed. Even keeping the disposable diapers in the garbage dump involves unnecessary chemicals and methane.

              Bambooty Basic.

              The bambooty basic diapers are onesize and adjustable with the four press studs on the front. The diaper has a wonderfully soft organic cotton fabric on the outside that is also waterproof! The Basic diaper comes with a standard large microfibre insert. They thought about everything when designing the Bambooty basic. The smart design ensures that you can use the washable diaper for your newborn baby, toddler and toddler.


              The choice to use bamboo as fabric was quickly clear to Bambooty. Much less water is used when processing the bamboo. In addition, bamboo grows back super fast and we will not get in the way of the habitat of animals.

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