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Swim diapers for your baby

by Jeffrey Scholten on May 18, 2020

Carefree with the little one going for a swim? This is possible thanks to the latest type swim diapers, which make swimming for your child and yourself easy and fun. Whether you go to the sea with your child, visit a lake, go for a baby swim or set up a bath in the garden: the swim diaper for your baby guarantees a fun day for young and old.

Ideal for the swim diaper for your baby is the perfect finish, so that the pants fit well around the legs and the belly. Any stool remains neatly in the pants. Especially in a swimming pool, for example at the campsite, or a small bath in the garden. The water does not get polluted, so others are not bothered by anything. So you can bathe carefree with your baby.


A swim diaper for your baby or a regular diaper?

A swim diaper is similar to a regular diaper in many ways, but there are a few obvious differences. The main difference is that the swim diaper for the baby is waterproof on the outside. Where a normal diaper sucks up on contact with water, the swimming variant simply remains dry. As a result, the diaper does not become heavy during swimming and the comfortable fit is maintained.

In addition, the swim diapers of the brand Alva Baby, which you can order at Kidzstore, have a cheerful print. For girls, the pink variants with, for example, the flamingos are a popular choice, and boys are liked with this cool one whales swim diapers. All these pants can be worn by children up to about 2 years old.


Swim diaper for baby in a large size

Some children grow fast, so fast that they need a few sizes larger than average at a very young age. There, the swim diaper manufacturers HappyBear and Alva Baby invented something. Thanks to the handy push buttons, the pants are easily adjustable in size. The swim diaper can be made small for a newborn baby, or just large for a big toddler.

This has the additional advantage that you do not have to purchase swimwear for your child (ren) every year. The diaper grows, as it were, with your son or daughter. This will also save costs in the long run, because swimwear for the little ones is not always cheap. Buying a diaper for swimming is not only sustainable, it is also good for your wallet.


Washable swim diaper for your baby

After purchasing a swim diaper, you will enjoy it for years. In contrast to a normal (possibly waterproof) diaper, the special swimming diaper from Alva Baby and HappyBear namely very easy to clean. After swimming, you can throw the pants in the washing machine without worry. The bottom is then ready for the next use.

The high-quality materials used, both on the inside and the outside, ensure that the pants last a long time. Sustainable, however, does not mean uncomfortable. In fact, the polyester on the inside is known for its soft and comfortable fit. The sensitive baby skin has little to endure. This is in contrast to many other diapers, which can cause a rash and sometimes even inflammation.


Super fast delivery of baby swim diapers

Have you found a nice one for your baby? Then you can complete the order with a few simple mouse clicks. Thanks to our 24-hour delivery, you will have the product at home a day later. Of course you can pay safely and quickly via iDEAL, credit card or PayPal. Or, if you wish, you can also choose to pay safely afterwards!

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