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What alternatives are there to plastic drinking bottles?

by Simone Gerritsen on October 22, 2020
A much discussed topic in recent days and actually years is the use of plastic drinking bottles in children. Babies fed with a plastic bottle can ingest more than 1 million particles of microplastic every day.

The potential exposure of babies to pieces of microplastic is highest in Europe. That's because mothers breastfeed less here than in other parts of the world.

Drinking bottles made of the commonly used plastic polypropylene can release up to 16 million pieces of microplastic per liter. As a result, babies receive an average of 1.58 million particles of microplastic per day.

A good replacement for the plastic drinking bottle is a glass or a stainless steel drinking bottle. Some companies such as Natursutten, Pura and Hevea were invented by parents who wanted to see an alternative in the plastic world. They did not want their children to use plastic teats, teethers and plastic bottles.

Why are plastic drinking bottles so bad for my baby?

As soon as plastic comes into contact with a warm liquid, the chance of breaking off is many times greater. But how can I still bottle feed without exposing my child to plastic? Natursutten is a beautiful brand designed a mother of three. With her bottles she wants to develop a chemical-free future for our children. Free from chemical plasticizers, carcinogens, parabens and PVS phthalates. Her teats are made from an ecological natural rubber that comes from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The teats consist of one piece of molded natural rubber so that no bacteria and dirt cannot get stuck here.

An alternative to plastic drinking bottles are glass beverage bottles. And I hear you think. Many people think that glass bottles are not safe. Natursutten and Hevea have also thought about this. By using a special and strong glass, the drinking bottles will not break quickly even if they fall. This means that the bottles can also withstand a rapid change from cold to warm. The bottles come with nipples made of soft natural rubber, which feel like nipples to the baby. The bottles are made to be washed in the dishwasher! Does your baby suffer from colic during bottle feeding? The Natursutten glass bottles come with a double anti-colic valve.

Prefer no glass baby bottles?

Then the bottles are from Pura something to watch. The bottles are made of stainless steel. A beautiful sturdy material that does not contain plastic. The bottles come with silicone spouts. The bottles from Pura even have the "MadeSafe" certificate. Pura is a company that is focused on the safety of our children and the health of our planet. "We know better, so we do better" - Roger Moore - Father and Co-Founder of Pura. The bottles are sturdy, beautiful and simple in design. They come with beautiful colored sleeves for everyone. The bottles can even be reused for older children. And did you know that you can use the cover cap with teeth coming through? Your baby will love to chew and chew on this, make the cap slightly cold in the refrigerator for extra softening.

Other plastic-free products
Teething toys from Sophie the Giraffe are also made of natural rubber. The natural rubber has a specific smell that is quickly recognized by the children. Sophie the Giraffe gets the natural rubber from Malaysia. Not only a fun product for the eye, but also safe for our children.

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