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Disposable diapers or washable diapers

by Jeffrey Scholten on May 09, 2020

One of the most common misconceptions about washable diapers is that it is difficult and time consuming. Modern reusable diapers are as easy to change as a disposable diaper and just as easy to wash as normal laundry. Washable diapers are convenient and versatile. There are pocket diapers, covers with different types of inserts and night diapers with a simple Velcro closure. You can wash the diapers at home and you never have to worry about running out of diapers again.

Are reusable diapers better for my baby's skin?
Many parents who have switched to washable diapers notice that their baby has less rashes. They are concerned about the chemicals used in the production of disposable diapers. Dioxin is one of the best known chemicals. Although research has not yet shown that skin irritation is associated with the use of disposable diapers, there are concerns that the gases from disposable diapers cause asthmatic symptoms in children. Families looking to reduce overall chemical exposure should opt for washable diapers.

Environmental impact of disposable diapers vs washable diapers
Billions of diapers are thrown away every year. The production, distribution and processing of disposable diapers leave a dizzying footprint on our planet. The average disposable diaper takes 500 years to dissolve and contains petroleum, perfumes, plastics, wood pulp and dioxins. By choosing washable diapers, you reduce the waste mountain diapers by 7,000 pieces per child. And you also contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases associated with the production, transport and processing of disposable diapers.

Cost of disposable diapers vs washable diapers
The cost of reusable diapers is significantly lower than disposable diapers. A child in disposable diapers costs on average around € 1500 in 3 years. You have a starter pack of washable diapers from around € 250, and to give it a try you have several trial packs available.

On average, you have 2 extra washes per week when using washable diapers. According to a Nibud calculation, a wash at 40 degrees costs an average of € 0.81. In total you spend € 84.24 in laundry costs annually. In addition, children who use washable diapers are toilet trained 6 to 12 months earlier than children in disposable diapers. Calculate your benefit!

What about poo and puddle stains? Isn't lazy lazy dirty?
An important reason for using washable diapers is to avoid chemicals. Although bleach makes stains less present, you would want to use it as little as possible. Prefer to hang the diapers in the sun to dry. Sunlight and heat are a natural bleaching agent! There are many "grandma's" tips when it comes to washing diapers and removing stains. Some people claim that baking soda and vinegar work, but these are especially useful for removing bad odors and not stains.

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