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Washable diapers: top 10 fables

by Jeffrey Scholten on January 14, 2020

The modern washable diaper of the 21st century is very different from the washable diapers that grandparents had to wash by hand. At the time, the giant square cloths with a thin layer of fabric were the only option. Nowadays, using washable diapers is a lot easier.


Myth 1: Washable diapers are expensive to use

This fable is far from the truth. You can save a lot of money, especially if you invest in the right diapers that can grow with your baby. A washable diaper is reusable and can even be used on the next baby. Depending on the brand, one disposable diaper costs about € 0.15 to € 0.25. If you have to change a diaper 8 to 10 times a day, 365 days a year, for a period of 3 years (and maybe longer), it will quickly cost you an average of € 650 a year. Compare that to a starter pack of washable diapers that will cost you € 279 and have enough content for the entire diaper period of your little one. In addition, it also depends on the brand of washable diapers you use. Kidzstore diapers are all adjustable in size and can therefore be used from birth to toilet training. You do not have to buy different sizes of reusable diapers during the diaper period.


Myth 2: I spent extra hours washing diapers

The days when you had to wash washable diapers by hand and let them dry on a leash outside are long gone. Taking care of your washable diapers is as easy as washing the rest of your clothes. Store all dirty diapers in a dry sealable laundry bag or bucket until you start washing them. Throw the diapers in the washing machine with a pre-rinse program and then a normal washing program. Hang the diapers on a drying rack, let them dry in the sun or let them dry in the dryer on a cold setting.


Myth 3: I have to buy expensive detergents

No expensive brands of detergents are required for washable diapers. Use only no fabric softener and a normal amount of washing powder.


Myth 4: Washing diapers takes a lot of warm water

Don't make washing reusable diapers too complicated. Remember that washing reusable diapers is as easy as running a normal washing program. Our advice is to wash reusable diapers at 40 to 60 degrees. It is important that you do not soak a pocket diaper in water for too long.


Myth 5: Washable diapers are dirty

For some reason, many people think that you are up to your elbows in the baby poo to change a washable diaper. With disposable diapers you are more likely to have diapers than with washable diapers. The night diapers for example have double drip channels, a good fit and sewn-in inserts for excellent absorbency.


Myth 6: A washable diaper is bad for a baby

Disposable diapers contain all kinds of chemicals. Sodium Polyacrylate Crystals form the absorbent gel used in disposable diapers. This was also used in tampons before, until it was linked to causing toxic shock syndrome. Dioxins are also found in disposable products and are considered toxic and carcinogenic. Is that something you want around your baby's buttocks, 24 hours a day, for 3 years?


Myth 7: Washable diapers are not a good fit

On the contrary, our washable diapers are also available in a 'One Size Fits All' size. These diapers are suitable from birth to toilet training and are adjustable in different sizes. So they grow with your child until they are toilet trained.


Myth 8: Washable diapers don't look good!

Washable diapers look great these days! Kidzstore has a wide range of washable diapers in beautiful solid colors, cute animal prints and many other cheerful prints.


Myth 9: Using washable diapers is complicated

These fables are linked to the old-fashioned washable diapers, where it was a very time-consuming job. Thanks to new developments, washable lounging is a piece of cake! Set the washable diaper to the correct size, insert the pad in the pocket and change the diaper just as you normally do. Washing lazy is not complicated at all, but it is fun for you and your baby.


Myth 10: Washable diapers need to be stripped

Stripping washable diapers is not something you should do regularly, or at all. Stripping is a routine for removing oil and other mess from your diaper. Follow the proper washing routine and avoid using fabric softener, diaper creams and other oils to avoid stripping the diapers.
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