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Washable diapers with Bambino Mio

by Jeffrey Scholten on March 30, 2020

Washable diapers are one of the biggest advances in the diaper industry right now. The old-fashioned image is slowly disappearing in exchange for a fresh and environmentally friendly image. This is because the washable diapers have been modified to be easier to use than they used to be. The fit and quality have been improved, and the diapers are super soft and available in super fun prints! The new washable diapers show that the washable diaper adventure doesn't have to be difficult at all and that it makes even more environmentally friendly choices.

There are multiple benefits of using washable diapers - such as

Better for the parent
Initially, the purchase costs of a washable diaper will seem higher than disposable diapers, but in the longer term, washable diapers are actually cheaper than the disposable version. On average, babies use 3,000 disposable diapers per year, if your baby uses washable diapers, only 15 are required to use them full time. As a result, washable diapers at the end of the diaper period are better for your wallet than disposable diapers.

Better for the environment

In addition to the fact that using washable diapers saves money, the diapers also have a more positive environmental impact than disposable diapers. In the Netherlands, we throw away an average of 8 million disposable diapers per day, which amounts to 3 billion (!) Disposable diapers per year that we all throw in the rubbish heap.

Every diaper can take up to 500 years to break down. Washable diapers reduce waste and can reduce a user's carbon footprint by up to 40%. Washable diapers are the perfect alternative to a disposable diaper. A washable diaper can be used over and over, and even switching to one washable diaper a day can reduce the number of disposable diapers that are disposed of by 912 per year. In addition, washable diapers can be used for several children, which ensures that they can be used even longer. Washable diapers are made to make that possible.

Better for your baby
Moreover, the washable diapers are also better for your baby! The production of washable diapers takes into account the raw materials used. For example, only the softest materials are used and washable diapers are free of chemicals.

Bambino Mio miosolo
A popular and award-winning brand of washable diapers is Bambino Mio - A company based in the UK known as one of the most widely used, eco-friendliest brands. Perhaps the best known product of Bambino Mio is the miosolo, an all-in-one, simple, stylish, and super soft washable diaper. The model is available in only one size and will fit your baby from the moment he or she is born until the time is toilet training. The miosolo is extremely durable due to the availability in only one size! The diaper can be tailored by several rows of buttons that ensure that the diaper will fit properly at all times.


In addition to the miosolo, Bambino Mio also offers another washable diaper, the two-piece miosoft. The miosoft consists of a 100% cotton diaper with a cover over it. The covers are available in the same super cute prints. Recently, new designs have been launched with the launch of the new collection: the beetles live

In addition to washable diapers, Bambino Mio also offers a range of stylish, affordable and environmentally friendly products for your baby. Bambino Mio products are now also available through Kidzstore.eu! 

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