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Why washable diapers?

by Jeffrey Scholten on May 07, 2020

Choosing washable diapers over disposable diapers is the right decision, which saves you time and money, but also helps the environment in a positive way. Below are some reasons why you choose to use washable diapers.

With washable diapers you simply save money
From birth to toilet training, your baby will use almost 7,000 disposable diapers. These disposable diapers cost on average € 0.15 to € 0.25 each. If you convert this, this amounts to more than €1500 (!!)per child. With washable diapers you can quickly save around € 1000 because you do not have those high costs each after purchasing. What you also have to consider is that in many municipalities the disposable diapers must be disposed of with the residual waste, this also simply costs extra in your waste costs.

Washable diapers are easy to use
Changing a washable diaper is as easy as a disposable diaper, but you just need to know how it works. Especially the night diapers with Velcro connection most resemble the disposable diaper. Washing a reusable diaper is child's play: after cleaning, rinse the dirty insert in the toilet, keep the dirty diapers in a washing bag and throw the diapers twice a week in the washing machine.

Washable diapers save the environment
Billions of disposable diapers are produced and used every year. Valuable raw materials are used to produce these disposable diapers and they create heaps of waste! Washable diapers help to reduce this mountain of waste.

Washable diapers are reusable and can be resold
Depending on the number of washes, you will need about 25 washable diapers during the entire period that your baby is wearing diapers. The washable diapers can also be reused for future children or possibly resold or given away to other interested parents who want to start with washable diapers.



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