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What can you use a Swaddle for?

by Jeffrey Scholten on February 14, 2020

A swaddle cloth can be used for multiple purposes. The swaddle is also known to most as swaddle cloth, hydrophilic cloth, wrap cloth, changing blanket, etc. The swaddle is made of a two-day breathable muslin cotton fabric and is very lightweight. Naturally, the cloths have also been tested for harmful substances.

Swaddle cloth
A baby feels safe and comfortable when swaddled. It gives the same feeling of security as in the womb. By swaddling, your baby will sleep longer and better because of the safe feeling.

Stroller cover
A swaddle cloth can serve as a cover for the buggy to protect it from the light and heat. The swaddle cloths are made of breathable muslin fabric. The open weave of this fabric ensures optimal airflow, so your baby can comfortably take an afternoon nap in the pram.

Use the swaddle cloth to create a comfortable private space when breastfeeding. The open and breathable fabric of the swaddle prevents your baby from overheating. Done breastfeeding? Thanks to the large size, you can also use the swaddle as a burp cloth if he has to burp after feeding.

Changing blanket
Our swaddle cloths have a size of no less than 120 centimeters by 120 centimeters and are therefore ideal as a blanket to change your baby or just let them play during a trip.

The swaddle cloths are very durable and dry very quickly. They feel softer after every wash. They are therefore ideal for drying your baby when he has been in the bath.

Are you out and about and getting a bit chilly? Then you can also use the swaddle as a blanket. Many parents also use the swaddle for protection in the car seats.

Swaddles in cheerful patterns
Do you see your baby swaddled in a cute swaddle? We have plenty of fun animal patterns like our popular ones flamingo and zebra print. Would you prefer something different? You can also choose from cheerful fruit prints, or other trendy patterns.

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