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Advantages of wearing an amber chain

by Jeffrey Scholten on February 03, 2020

Baltic amber has been used for generations to soothe troubled, teething babies. Baltic amber is a safe homeopathic tool that can help reduce the symptoms of pain and inflammation associated with teething.

Using a Baltic amber necklace or bracelet offers many benefits for babies:

Amber chains have an analgesic effect
Amber is a natural pain reliever and can reduce the pain babies experience while getting through the teeth.

Amber stone bracelets help against drooling
It is said that a Baltic amber stone bracelet can stimulate the thyroid gland and therefore reduce drooling.

Amber has an anti-inflammatory effect
Babies' gums can become red and inflamed as they come through the teeth, but Baltic amber bracelets and necklaces can help reduce inflammation and redness.

Baltic amber boosts the immune system
A body experiencing stress, such as pain from teething, can reduce the body's ability to fight other illnesses. Baltic amber can help boost your child's immune system during this time.

Amber brings many positive benefits and helps soothe even the most troubled babies through proven natural measures.

To receive all the benefits of amber, make sure to purchase genuine authentic Baltic amber necklaces from renowned sources, such as Kidzstore. We buy our amber bracelets directly from Lithuania and work closely with our suppliers. We are proud to sell only 100% authentic Baltic Amber. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity with each bracelet.

View our wide range of amber necklaces and bracelets. We have multiple colors to choose from!

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