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My experience with washable diapers

by Jeffrey Scholten on January 01, 2020

With two young children in diapers, the costs add up considerably. Not only do diapers cost a lot of money, but in our municipality the diapers have to be disposed of with the residual waste, which also entails additional costs. Just like a large part of our generation, it is 'pumped' for me to use disposable diapers. My sister-in-law is very environmentally conscious and tried to convince me two years ago of the benefits that washable diapers bring. My first reaction was like many others. 'Yep, that's gross!' and "That's old fashioned and more for goat wool socks types!" But it turns out to be not too bad. You can defecate with an insert that you throw in the trash or flush through the toilet and the washable diapers of today are very hip and cheerful! But what are the benefits from washable diapers compared to disposable diapers?


  • Disposable diapers contain a lot of chemicals, which are very bad for your child's fragile skin
  • Children are toilet trained more quickly, because they feel wetness faster than with disposable diapers. Children do not like a wet diaper.
  • Because you no longer use disposable diapers, you have less waste and you immediately contribute to a better environment.
  • The washable diapers are adjustable in size and the kids love the cheerful prints and colors!
  • The investment of one complete package of washable diapers you have earned back within a few months and can later also be used for future children. And do you no longer use the diapers? Then you can often resell for a nice amount.

The first real test with washable diapers

There are various brands of washable diapers on the market, which vary considerably in price. Opinions differ quite a bit about what the best washable diaper is, but come in terms of value for money HappyBear, LittleLamb and Happy Flute often the best of the test. Since we were rather wary and did not immediately want to spend hundreds of euros on washable diapers, we first tried a few diapers and different inserts / boosters. Adjusting the diapers is very easy thanks to the press studs. In the beginning it was mainly a question of finding which combination of inserts works best. The first few times we sometimes suffered from leakage from our son. The microfibre inserts absorb moisture quickly, but are saturated faster. Bamboo boosters, on the other hand, absorb a lot of moisture, but less quickly than microfibre. For our youngest daughter, 1-2 microfibre boosters were sufficient in the beginning, but for our oldest son we soon needed a microfibre pad and two bamboo pads. Tip! Place the microfibre pad on top, as this pad absorbs the puddle faster. The inserts are ideal! You put them on the diaper while changing and if your child has pooped, you throw the sheet with the stool in the toilet. We now use one for the dirty diapers lockable laundry bag and we wash all diapers about twice a week. We are part-time users. For convenience, we still use disposable diapers outside the door and during holidays. Our son is now toilet trained (after 2.5 years) and we are very happy that we have made the choice for washable diapers. And no, we still don't have those goat wool socks;) Are you still unsure about washable diapers? First try a sample pack of washable diapers and see if you like it! Otherwise, you can always ask for advice from one of the Kidzstore experts. 

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