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Is wooden toys better than plastic toys?

by Jeffrey Scholten on February 07, 2020

Have you ever wondered if wooden toys are better for kids than plastic toys? We will discuss the main benefits of wooden toys in this blog.

Wooden toys are timeless

Wooden toys have been trendy for years, if not centuries. Your grandparents and great-grandparents used to play with wooden toys. In the future, your grandchildren will also still be playing with wooden toys.

Wooden toys are durable and robust

It is clear that young children sometimes handle toys very roughly. Who doesn't have missing puzzle pieces or broken toys at home? Plastic toys can break faster and can leave sharp edges. Wooden toys last for generations, because they are made of high-quality wood. They are easy to clean and very sturdy.

In the end, many toys end up in the garbage. Plastic is not biodegradable, but wood is. Wood can also be recycled.

Wooden toys are good for development

Wooden toys encourage imagination and role play. Wooden toys do not contain any sounds or text that tell your child what to do, so they have to use their own imagination to do with the toy. Sounds and lights are often very distracting.

You have wooden toys in various shapes such as vehicles, discovery blocks, rings, animals, etc. Wooden toys are also heavier than plastic toys, making children more aware of what they are doing.


So finally, why is wooden toys better than plastic toys? Many benefits of wooden toys have been mentioned such as: more environmentally friendly (and protecting our environment), more durable (toys that can be passed on), but also safer (than plastic), and it is an excellent source of imaginative play.

Wooden toys are beautiful! Instead of playing on the iPad, these wooden toys will keep them busy for hours. We really need to think about our children's future and give them something that is an investment in their future. Then why not consider buying wooden educational toys for your kids? It is an investment you will not regret.

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