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How do I change a washable diaper?

by Jeffrey Scholten on May 03, 2020

Have you decided to start with washable diapers, but are you already starting to turn when you look at the diapers? We will explain step by step how you can change a washable diaper.

Necessities for changing a washable diaper 

  • A clean and safe changing room
  • A clean diaper with any pads
  • Wet wipes
  • A wet bag or laundry bag to store the dirty diaper

Steps for changing a washable diaper

Step 1
Place your baby on a changing pad and remove the dirty diaper. If you have a boy, it is useful to place a dry washcloth on his penis to prevent him from urinating on you. Set the dirty diaper aside.

Step 2
Wipe the baby's buttocks thoroughly. If you use a diaper ointment, wait until the skin is really dry. Make sure that the diaper ointment does not contain petroleum, as these will reduce the absorbency of the washable diapers.

Step 3
Adjust the diaper to the correct size with the front row of snaps. The washable diapers are adjustable in 3 different sizes: S, M and L. If necessary, put the inserts in the pocket diaper and ensure that the microfibre insert is on top. Place an insert on top of the diaper. Lift the baby's legs slightly and slide the clean washable diaper under the buttocks.

Step 4
Close the diaper with the Velcro connection or the press studs. Make sure nothing sticks out. Check that the diaper fits well around the legs and stomach, one finger should easily reach under the elastic edge. If you have a clearance of about three fingers, the diaper is too loose and you may have leakage.

Step 5
Flush the dirty diaper insert through the toilet and throw the dirty diaper in the wet bag or laundry bag. If necessary, you should rinse the diaper beforehand if stool still remains. Store the dirty diapers for a maximum of 3 days before washing them.

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