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Help! My washable diapers are leaking

by Jeffrey Scholten on May 02, 2020

Nobody likes a leaked washable diaper. Experienced parents will brag that they never suffer from leaks, but for a beginner, it takes some time to find the reason for an annoying leak. Below are some useful tips and common causes of these annoying accidents.

Wash well
Washable diapers are made from natural fibers and still contain vegetable oils that are present in kind. It is very important that the diapers must first be washed out before use, so that they can absorb well. It may take up to 12 washes for the diapers and pads to reach their full absorbency, so you may need to change just a little more at first.

Aware of the fabrics in your diaper
Washable diapers do not contain the SAP (super absorbent polymers) gel contained in disposable diapers, this sodium polyacrylate uses the disposable diaper industry to absorb extra moisture with these types of fabrics. The washable diapers and pads are made of natural fibers and should therefore also be changed every 2-3 hours to prevent leakage and to keep your baby's bottom dry.

The power of the (extra) investor in practice
If you notice that the pads are fully saturated, take an extra pad or use a different pad to increase the absorbency. Extra inserts are also useful if you can not change as often as during long car trips, sleep and at night. For boys it can help to fold an insert in half and put it in the front of the pocket.

The use of oils and ointment 
Using oil-based balms or diaper ointment can cause problems in your washable diapers. This oil can adhere to the fibers and prevent the liquids from being absorbed properly. So watch out for this.

Finally, make sure that the diapers fit properly around the legs and stomach. If you have more than 3 fingers between them, the diaper is not properly secured.

If you have used oily creams or balms, it is best to strip the diapers.

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