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HappyBear review

by Jeffrey Scholten on March 15, 2020

More than a month ago I received the message that we were allowed to test the new HappyBear diapers. The next day we already received a large box containing: a (night) diaper, an overpants, a pocket diaper, a microfibre booster, a bamboo booster, a hemp booster and a training pants.

We immediately pre-soaked, washed and hung the diapers and used them for a few weeks at home and in the shelter with our one-year-old girl.

First impression

The pocket diaper, the diaper pants and the training pants were each packed in a beautiful cardboard box, with some explanation about the product on the back. The large box contained, wrapped in paper, the (night) diaper and boosters. In addition, a folder about all HappyBear products, user manual, washing instructions and a handwritten thank-you note with discount code for a possible next order were included.

At first sight everything looked very good and I was very excited to start testing the nappies.

HappyBear pocket diaper and boosters

We got the pocket diaper with beautiful fox print and also 3 boosters: a microfibre, a bamboo and a hemp version.

The pocket diaper closes with a double row of press studs and also has a “hip press stud” on both sides so that the sides of the diaper will stay in place better. Via push buttons at the front you can adjust the pocket diaper in four sizes to fit children from about 5 to 17 kg. According to the label and product description, the outside consists of water-repellent PUL and the inside of suede fabric. The feel of the fabrics and the price indicates that they are polyester on the outside with a PUL layer on the inside and polyester fleece on the inside. Double drip channels are incorporated in this soft inner layer to keep liquid bowel movements just a little better in the diaper.

Unlike other pocket diapers, or the ones I've seen so far, this diaper has a pocket opening on both the front and back. I think this is a very good adjustment, because this way the boosters in the wash come out of the pocket opening anyway. Unlike most other pocket diapers, where the boosters often come out of the laundry heaped on the closed side when we forget to take them out of the pocket opening before washing.

Although all three boosters have 4 layers of fabric, the microfibre booster almost as thick as the bamboo and hemp boostertogether. Yet even all three of these boosters together do not form too thick a package, although the sight will take some getting used to if you have never used washable diapers?

The microfibre and bamboo booster are very soft, the hemp booster is typically rougher and stiffer. However, this is not a disadvantage, since the boosters do not touch your child's skin.

After washing at a higher temperature, the bamboo and especially the hemp booster shrink a little, while the microfiber booster retains its original size. The shrinkage percentage does not bother me, once you see and feel this difference in size in the pocket diaper.

The only mystery about the diaper is the small press stud at the center of the front, below the navel. This could serve to secure a booster in the pocket diaper, however none of the boosters have snap fasteners. Perhaps this push button has another usefulness that I have not yet discovered or boosters with push buttons will be sold later. Although I break my mind as to why this press stud is there, it does not adversely affect the diaper's function.

HappyBear (night) diaper and cover

happy bear bamboe nachtluier review The HappyBear preformed diaper can be used separately or together with one or both associated snap-in inserts. There is also a loose fleece insert if you want a dry feeling on your child's bottom or to reduce stool stains in the diaper itself. The outer layers of both the actual diaper and the inserts consist of an 80% bamboo-20% polyester blend and the core consists entirely of microfibre. Although the actual diaper is already thick, it dries fairly quickly on the rack due to the polyester core.

The diaper is by press studs in the front adjustable in 3 sizes, making this diaper fit children from about 7 to 17 kg. Not yet suitable for the little ones, but the HappyBear prefolds can probably be used for them.

The diaper closes with sturdy Velcro and has washing tabs to cover the hooks of the Velcro so that they do not stick to other diapers in the laundry. The choice of a Velcro closure, which so far seems to be of good quality, makes the diaper very adaptable to the width of your child.

During the day, only the actual diaper is sufficient, possibly with one of the clickable inserts. For the nights, the diaper together with both inserts is ideal. Our girl is now 1 year old and easily sleeps 12 hours straight. Until now, this diaper with both inlays comes through those long nights just fine. If this would no longer be enough, you can easily boost without adding too much thickness by placing the thin hemp booster outside the cloth diaper in the overpants.

The shorts that we got have a super nice dark blue fish print and consist entirely of polyester with PUL inner layer. It closes with a double row of press studs, which I am a huge fan of with a little girl who knows how to pull off her overpants with velcro closure, and also has a “hip press stud”. It is also by means of press studs in front adjustable in four sizes to fit children from about 5 to 17 kg. The cover has double drip channels on the legs, which is not an absolute must for me, but certainly a plus. On the inside at the front is a belly flap to keep a possible booster or prefold in place.

The edges of the cover are soft enough not to chafe, so they hardly give any marks.

Just like the pocket diaper, these briefs also have a “mysterious” press stud at the front on the inside under the belly flap, centrally between the double row of closure studs.

I like both the preformed diaper and the pants.

I prefer to use the diaper at night, because an extra night diaper is welcome and it is an excellent addition to our night diaper stash. I prefer to use the overpants during the day. Although it fits well over these and other thicker night diapers, after a whole night it sometimes gives light welts in our baby. That is why we prefer to use wool pants at night.

HappyBear training pants

The only item that we have not (yet) been able to test is the training pants. Our girl is just a little too small for that.

oefenbroekje happybear reviewThe training pants we got, with a cute polar bear print, would fit children from about 2 to 3-4 years old. It is height adjustable in three sizes by press studs on the front and has a 4-layer core of a bamboo-microfibre mix. The padding certainly looks thick enough to accommodate a good puddle, but is narrow enough to put on pants with ease. Thanks to the water-repellent PUL layer in the pants, the clothes remain protected against leaks if your child has an accident.

A possible added value to the training pants would be a side closure.

Now you can only take off the pants like underpants, which could cause a mess if your child suffers from liquid bowel movements. Moreover, with an extra row of press studs on the side, the pants might also be useful for even smaller children.

Although we couldn't really test it yet, I think it would be a nice pair of pants and certainly useful if our daughter would be ready to go out without a diaper next year.


We are very happy with the diapers from HappyBear that we have been able to test. They are very nice diapers, which collect about the most advantages of other diapers that we have used so far.


If I changed one thing, it is the choice of material. I personally prefer natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and hemp. For example, I would make the preformed diaper and the absorbent fabric of the training pants entirely from bamboo or a bamboo-cotton mix, I would also make the inside of the pocket diaper from (flannel) cotton and supply a cotton instead of a microfibre booster. I would also replace the water-repellent outside of the overpants, pocket diaper and cotton pants with cotton with a PUL or TPU layer. Organic fabrics would be the icing on the cake.

Natural, and certainly organic, fabrics are of course more expensive than synthetic products. Microfibre also dries on the rack much faster than a bamboo diaper, so opting for a full bamboo diaper should logically be accompanied by a thinner diaper if you don't want to use a dryer.

All in all, these seem like good diapers and although the combination with synthetic fabrics has been chosen, to reduce the price and make the diapers more affordable for parents on a more limited budget, the quality of the diapers certainly seems solid.

We have never experienced leaks with the pocket diaper, nor with the night diaper or the overpants. The prints are also very beautiful and worth considering to buy an extra diaper?

To conclude, I would like to thank the entire HappyBear team for giving us the opportunity to test this beautiful diaper set!

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