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Experience with LittleLamb diapers

by Jeffrey Scholten on May 21, 2020

I read a lot of positive experiences with the Little Lamb diapers on various Facebook groups and forums about washable diapers. For me, the 'washable lazing' has become a little out of hand hobby, but I had never tested the Little Lamb washable diapers before. I have a 3 year old daughter who pees a lot and that is why I still use disposable diapers in the nights, because otherwise she often leaks. However, I read that many mothers Little Lamb bamboo diapersalso used for the night and they almost never suffered from leaks. So it's time to try them out!

Fast delivery
I was advised to use washable diapers Little Lamb can be ordered at Kidzstore.eu, because the diapers are always on offer there, everyone is very satisfied with the good service and I would also have them at home within 24 hours. After a pleasant contact via chat with Kidzstore, I agreed that I could test them if I would also share my experiences with everyone. At 4.30 pm I closed the chat and the next day there was a nice man from Fietskoeriers on the doorstep with a nice package!

They are so soft!
Unpacking the package was just a party. A personal card was included and the diapers were neatly packed. The diapers have a handy Velcro connection and are available in 3 different sizes. I had ordered a LittleLamb size 2 and size 3 bamboo diaper because I was unsure what would be the best size for my daughter. At least the washing instructions from Little Lamb were clear. You must wash the bamboo diapers a few times before use, otherwise the diaper will not be able to absorb as much. The more often the washable diapers are washed, the better they absorb. The diapers were so soft that I caught myself 'cuddling' the diapers all the time: D

The first test with the Little Lamb bamboo diaper
After washing twice I thought it was time for the first test. Yes sorry, I am very impatient! I tried the size 2 diaper with my daughter and it fits perfectly. An extra pad is included and a fleece pad that you put on top for a dry feeling. The bamboo diapers must be accompanied by a matching one Little Lamb wrap- also known as a two-part system. It is a bit more work than other reusable diapers, but thanks to the Velcro connection I had the diaper and the pants in 1 minute. My daughter walked around for 3 hours and then I thought it was time for a change. Fortunately, the diaper had not leaked. I understand that you can reuse the cover (the wrap) if they are not dirty. 

Exciting! Will the diaper last through the night?
I have been using disposable diapers for the nights for a while, because my daughter often leaks through other brands of washable diapers, so I found it all very exciting. To be on the safe side, I had put a mattress protector on her bed. For the night I tried the Little Lamb bamboo diaper in size 3. This diaper is suitable for children from about 17 kilos and it is a fairly thick package, but that does not matter for the nights. As long as they don't leak through! The Velcro system is really ideal and my daughter likes the diaper very much. In terms of comfort, the diaper gets 5 stars from her. "Nice and soft!" is the only thing she called in bed all night until she finally fell asleep.

At 7 am I took my daughter out of bed and luckily she was not leaked! The LittleLamb bamboo diaper had become very saturated and heavy, but the mission was successful. Hoera! My daughter didn't think the diaper was so soft anymore, but yuck! and wet! : ') And that is of course also the intention. She must become aware of urination, so that she will no longer urinate in the diaper.

Little Lamb and Kidzstore have a new sponsor! If I could give the Little Lamb bamboo diapers a rating then it is definitely an 8+

    Benefits of Little Lamb bamboo diaper:

    + Affordable diaper
    + Nice and soft
    + They absorb very well and are i.c.m. the matching wrap leakproof
    + Thanks to the Velcro, the diaper is easy to adjust in size

    Disadvantages Little Lamb bamboo diaper:

    - A two-part system is a bit more work
    - You need multiple sizes of diapers, but I understand most parents only use size 2
    - The bamboo diapers are slightly thicker than other diapers

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