washable diaper differences

If you are orientating on washable diapers, you can quickly get lost through all the different washable diaper systems, brands and well-intended advice. What is a good system now and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these different systems? We try to take you into the world of washable diapers by starting with a brief explanation of the different types of washable diapers that are available.

Pocket diapers

A pocket diaper is a washable diaper with a waterproof exterior and a soft interior made from fleece, suede or cotton, for example. In the inside of the pocket diaper is a 'bag' where you can put the inserts. pocket diaper dinosaurWe will explain more later about the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of different ones depositors. Most pocket diapers are adjustable in size with snap fasteners, which means they can be used in theory from birth to toilet training. In practice, most pocket diapers are still large for newborn babies. The fit is much better from 3 months.

The pocket diaper has a quick drying time because the inserts are not attached to the diaper. An advantage is that you can experiment yourself which combination inserts work best for you. Especially in the beginning this is often a bit of a search. So don't give up too soon! A pocket diaper is easy to change and is very popular with babysitters and grandparents.

Pocket diapers are available from different brands. The pocket diaper of HappyBear for example, has double leak gutters, which greatly reduces the chance of leakage. If your child is not so good at synthetic fibers, then the pocket diaper is made of Windelzauberland with a organic cotton inside a good option.

Despite the fact that pocket diapers are suitable from birth to toilet training, we see that many parents still switch quickly to a two-part system when the children get a little older and urinate more. The pocket diapers are also less suitable for older children because they are often unable to absorb sufficiently. There are also enough parents who swear by pocket diapers and with the right combination of inserts, they are fine.

plus icon Fast drying time
plus icon Easy to change
plus icon Absorption capacity can be adjusted by using different inserts
plus icon One Size & #8211; size adjustable

 Extra work in preparation (putting inserts in the pocket diaper)
 Lower absorbency
 Less suitable for large ponds and as a night diaper

All-In-One diapers

In terms of use, the All-In-One diaper is most similar to a disposable diaper. With an All-In-One washable diaper, the inserts are already sewn into the diaper in waterproof pants. You can immediately change the diaper without the hassle of overpants or depositors. Most washable diapers have a Velcro closure, such as the Bambino Mio miosolo or TotsBots Easyfit diapers.

Because the inserts are sewn into the diaper, the drying time of an AIO diaper is longer than, for example, the pocket diaper, but shorter than a two-part diaper system. The All-In-One diaper is in proportion a more expensive diaper, but ideal for starting with washable diapers or for the babysitter. The AIO diapers are unfortunately not always suitable for the nights and are a bit more sensitive to leaks in the groin if you wait too long to change.

plus icon Easy to change thanks to Velcro closure
plus icon 
Handy for the babysitter or grandpa and grandma
plus icon 
Complete diaper & #8211; the inserts are already sewn in the diaper
plus icon 
One Size & #8211; size adjustable

 Longer drying time
 Higher purchase price
Less suitable as a night diaper

All-In-Two / Snap-In-One diapers

The All-In-Two and Snap-In-One diapers, abbreviated AI2 or SIO, consist of a loose waterproof overpants and loose inserts or prefolds. These diapers are very slim and are therefore also very suitable for newborn babies. 

In the waterproof pants like the TotsBots PeeNut wrap click the separate inserts. After changing, all you have to do is change the inserts and you can reuse the overpants several times. For newborns, one in one size & #8211; size adjustable panties in combination with a prefold insert very suitable. The drying time of AIO / AI2 diaper is, just like the pocket diaper, very short, but they are less suitable for older children, because the inserts cannot absorb sufficiently with larger puddles.

plus icon Slim fit and also suitable for newborns
plus icon 
Overpants can be used several times
plus icon 
Fast drying time
plus icon 

 Less leakproof for older children compared to two-part diapers
Extra work with inserts


Two-part system

The most leak-free diaper is the two-part diaper system. And that makes perfect sense. The diaper consists of two parts. You use a bamboo diaper such as the LittleLamb bamboo diaper or the TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch, together with a separate waterproof pants.

little lamb preformed bamboo diaper

Every brand has its own overpants with its own unique characteristics. The panties from Petit Lulu are adjustable in size and have a fleece edge, which reduces the risk of stretch marks. The Wraps from TotsBots and LittleLamb are available in multiple sizes, making the fit better than the one size overpants. These diapers can absorb much more because they are made entirely from bamboo, cotton or a mix of different fabrics. A disadvantage is that you do have extra work with changing it. The drying time is much longer than other diapers, but the chances of leaking is really minimal. A two-piece diaper is often a 'thicker suit' around the buttocks. A big advantage is that the overpants do not have to be replaced during every change. You can reuse this 3 to 5 times.

plus icon Minimum chance of leakage
plus icon 
Good fit
plus icon 
Also suitable for the night
plus icon 
Overpants can be used several times

 More work while changing
 Long drying time
Requires separate overpants


Night diapers

For older children and large weters, a night diaper is the ideal washable diaper to get through the night dry. Over a night diaper must have a waterproof (Pull-Up) overpants or a wool pants. Compared to a two-part diaper system, the night diapers are much thicker because they consist of several layers of fabric and possibly extra inserts. The most popular night diaper is the HappyBear bamboo night diaper which can absorb a minimum of 800ml and the Anavy and Petit Lulu night diapers. A disadvantage is the long drying time of sometimes 24 to 48 hours. The night diapers are also great to use during the day. Most night diapers, such as those from HappyBear, come with separate inserts that you do not need during the day, making the diaper less thick.

plus icon Leakproof and suitable for large peeers
plus icon 
Can also be used during the day

 Very thick around the buttocks
 Long drying time
Separately overpants or wool pants required


Diaper consultation

Do you still have doubts about washable diapers and do you want to see, fit and feel the different diapers? Please contact us for a free consultation without obligation. We are happy to advise you on all the differences and advantages of washable diapers. You can do this by phone, via chat or personally with us in Hengelo.

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