Washable diaper test package

Washable diapers are very useful: they last a long time, are durable and are therefore good for the wallet and the environment. In recent years, however, there has been a proliferation of washable diapers, especially online. As a result, the choice has not become easier for (future) parents. It is difficult to determine what exactly you need for your child.

The many brands and types of diapers mean that parents can no longer see the forest for the trees. Reading in and comparing well is a way to make a choice, but trying out of course always works better. Text and photos are nice and nice, but that says nothing about how your child reacts to the diaper. To simplify the selection, you can order the washable diaper sample pack from Kidzstore. 

Why choose a washable diaper?

There are two main reasons why (young) parents choose washable diapers. The first is obvious: the costs. A disposable diaper costs around 15 to 25 cents each. Of these, an average family uses around 7,000 from birth to toilet training. That amounts to approximately € 1,500 in total. The purchase of washable diapers may initially be more expensive, but over a period of 2 years you will save around € 1,000.

Another important reason for choosing washable diapers is the environment. Disposable diapers provide around 22 kilos of waste per month for each child, which amounts to around 260 pounds per year! That means a lot of extra waste. You pay money to the municipality for that waste, but the collection services also have to drive in and out much more often. This is all at the expense of the environment. There are however more good reasons to choose washable diapers.

What is the washable diaper test package?

One brand of diaper will give birth better than another, and a newborn baby likes something different than a child of roughly 2 years old. The choice for washable diapers is personal and therefore very specific. Several types of diapers and different types of inserts are included in a test package. This way you can try out which type of washable diapers suits you best.

Washable diapers can differ considerably in terms of quality and costs. You can of course immediately purchase the most expensive variant, but perhaps that is not necessary at all. With this test package find out soon. This includes a pocket diaper for daytime and night diapers for large peeers in the night hours. You can also opt for the Proefakket Plus, which offers slightly more options.

Starter package washable diapers

There is something in the test package so that you can determine what works best for your child. However, if you are already more familiar with washable diapers, then it is starter pack possibly something for you. There are enough diapers for the entire diaper period for day and night, including extra bamboo charcoal inserts. Also insert sheets and a lockable laundry bag are included.

In addition to the practical application, washable diapers are also fun for your child. They are available in several tough, cute or beautiful prints. When you order a test package or starter package, you can indicate which prints you want to receive when ordering. If you do not have a preference, you can also indicate that the test package must be supplied with diapers in a neutral color.

Washable diapers sample pack delivered to your home tomorrow

Children can't wait and you probably can't either. That is why Kidzstore delivers your order at lightning speed. If you order before 5 p.m., you will receive the package the next day. You can of course pay securely online via iDEAL, credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. If you prefer to pay afterwards, that's no problem!