Squiz squeeze bags

    Reusable squeeze bags

    Ideal for babies for prepared snacks and a handy alternative for children instead of disposable squeeze bags. The Squiz squeeze bags are a big hit in America and now also available in the Benelux! Reusable squeeze bags are the ecological, healthy and economically responsible alternative. And just as handy!

    Squiz squeeze bags: what are they?

    No more packaging waste thanks to reusable squeeze bags. With this slogan Squiz brings the squeeze bags on the market, which you don't have to throw away after use, but can reuse. A package lasts approximately as long as 50 disposable packages. With 3 bags in a package, that would be equal to 150 disposable packaging.

    Squiz, nice refillable squeeze bags

    You fill the squeeze bags through the large zipper opening at the bottom of the bag and store them in the freezer or refrigerator. Thanks to the double zipper closure, the bags stay well closed and you prevent leaks! You can quickly and easily clean the Squiz squeeze bags under the tap or in the dishwasher.

    You have to pay attention when filling, the bags have a maximum volume. This is on the package, but also as a tick.

    Use of Squiz bag

    In use, the Squiz squeeze bags do not differ much from the disposable bags. The cap is secure so that babies cannot easily choke on it, the bag and the closure on the bottom are strong and there is room to write a date or name on the package.

    Be careful how you hold the bag. Under no circumstances should you pinch the bottom (and thereby pinch the corners towards each other), with this you risk that the closure will fail. Also make sure that you do not close the squeeze bag too hard, with the result that your baby or child cannot open it anymore.


    There are many benefits:

    • Reuse is better for the environment.
    • You save money: you can fill them from larger discount packages, which are usually cheaper than the disposable squeeze bags.
    • You save time: 1 bag for storage, heating, freezing, transport and consumption.