Every year innovative entrepreneurs compete for a place in the KVK Innovation Top 100. On 27 June it was announced that we are one of the 100 most innovative companies in the Netherlands! On Wednesday 25 September a jury will announce the exact listing of each company in the KVK Innovation Top 100.

Very exciting at which place we are going to end and very cool that we are in the Top 100! Our goal is to put washable diapers back on the map. A place among all innovative and & #8216; hip & #8217; companies is of course a great step. But we also want to win that prize! Many people still have an old-fashioned and dirty image with washable diapers, while nowadays many useful washable diaper systems with super fun prints are available. In addition to saving costs, the use of washable diapers is also better for the environment and your baby! Everyone knows the slogan & #8216; Improve the world, start with yourself & #8217; surely. This is also the message that we want to convey. Every disposable diaper that we can save is another win.

Audience Award Innovation Top 100

We need your help! Indeed, there is more: the audience prize! A national jury of experts, chaired by Ruud Koornstra, determines the ranking of this prestigious list, the public also has a vote. And an important one! At least if we get the most votes ... And we will hear that again on 25 September.


Go on September 2 www.stemvoorinnovatie.nl live. Voting is possible until 20 September. On the site you can search by name Kidzstore or HappyBear and then it shows itself. An interim ranking will be published twice: on 9 and 16 September.

Will you help us put washable diapers on the map? Thanks in advance for your vote!

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