We are happy to see that more and more parents are open to the sustainable alternative; the washable diapers. Nowadays there is an enormous amount of choice when it comes to washable diapers. Here you will find the best purchased and best rated products from 2019 in a row. 

Help with choosing washable diapers

If you are orientating for washable diapers, you can quickly get lost by all the different washable diaper systems, brands and many advice. But which diaper system fits well with your child, but also with your own lifestyle and ideals? With our unique diaper selection aid With a few simple questions you can discover which diaper suits you best. If you want more information about washable diapers, please contact us for a free consultation.

The top 5 best-selling diapers of 2019


little lamb preformed bamboo diaper

1. LittleLamb bamboo diapers

The bamboo diapers of LittleLamb score high due to the good price-quality ratio. These diapers are known for their nice soft fabric and good absorption. They are available in 3 sizes, of which size 2 is the best-selling diaper. LittleLamb diapers are also available in an affordable starter package.


preformed-bamboo-night diaper-side-1024x10242. HappyBear night diaper

A super absorbent diaper which makes it perfect for the nights. Did you already know that this diaper takes up no less than 800ml of water ?! The diaper is adjustable in 3 different sizes, and is easy to adjust with the press studs on the front. Buy this in combination with a pair of overpants to prevent leakage. These HappyBear diapers can also be ordered in a cheap night package.


anavy-night diaper-maxi-xl-sloth3. Anavy night diaper 

The night diapers of Anavy is, together with the night diaper of HappyBear, the most popular night diaper. The Anavy night diaper is known for its good absorption and nice prints. Due to the enormous success at Anavy, the washable diapers of Anavy are quickly sold out. Hopefully the capacity at Anavy will be increased quickly so that we do not have to disappoint too many customers. The Anavy night diapers are also adjustable in size between 6 and 18 kg. These night diapers from Anavy are a bit more spacious.


4. Totsbots Bamboozle

Always been one of the most popular diapers. Totsbots is a well-known brand when it comes to washable diapers. They also have a good quality product and make it even more attractive thanks to the nice prints. These Bamboozle diapers from Totsbots are also available in two sizes and also adjustable thanks to the press studs. 


5. pocket diaper air balloonHappyBear pocket diaper

The most popular diaper due to the use of nice prints and good quality. This pocket diaper from HappyBear has double leak gutters, which considerably reduces the risk of leakage or spray diapers. The pocket diapers of HappyBear are adjustable in size with press studs and fit a child from 5 to 17 kg. Although HappyBear supplies a microfiber and bamboo insert with the diaper as standard, we recommend an extra hemp and / or bamboo / cotton inserts for more absorption.



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