Real Nappy Week

From Monday, April 22 through Sunday, April 28, it will be Real Nappy Week at Kidzstore again for a week. A week with many offers on various brands. A great opportunity for everyone to try out different washable diapers for an attractive price.

What is Real Nappy Week?

However, Real Nappy Week is not only about discount, but also about raising awareness among parents who don't use washable diapers. Many parents still have an old-fashioned image with washable diapers and do not see the many benefits that washable diapers bring. The old-fashioned washable diaper has been replaced by an easy-to-use washable diaper with fun prints. Washable diapers are better for the environment, contain no chemicals, unlike disposable diapers, can be used by multiple children and with washable diapers, children can also be trained for 1 to 1.5 years faster on average!

Washable diapers are expensive

The purchase price for washable diapers requires a one-off investment, but you will quickly earn this back! Of course this also depends on the brand of washable diapers that you buy and the brand of disposable diapers that you use. A complete one package washable diapers from HappyBear or LittleLamb is already available for 235 to 329 euros! Depending on the brand, a disposable diaper costs on average € 0.15 - € 0.25 cents. You have earned back your purchase price within one year. A common argument is that washable diapers are not that durable at all, because you have to run an average of 2 extra washes per week. A modern washing machine does not use as much water at all and an average wash costs approximately €0,70. Did you know that much more water is used in the production of disposable diapers than you use in washing reusable diapers?

What is the best washable diaper?

We are regularly asked which washable diaper is the best. It is difficult to give an answer to this, because this is very personal. A two-part system from LittleLamb For example, is very popular, but for others a pocket diaper is more convenient. A two-part system is very leak-proof, but it takes more time to change and is thicker than other types of diapers. In addition, the drying time of these diapers is also a lot longer than a pocket diaper. A pocket diaper is easy to boost by using multiple types of inserts, but for some older children pocket diapers are less effective. It also differs per child what the perfect diaper is. We therefore recommend that you always try a number of separate diapers before purchasing a whole package of washable diapers from a brand. For example, you can first purchase a trial package from a brand you prefer and then the starter package. Various washable diapers have been discounted during Real Nappy Week, so that you can try different brands and types of diapers at attractive prices.

For the nights, parents use night diapers more often, because they can abrupt more. You can change a washable diaper as often as a disposable diaper, but for the nights, for example, we recommend the Anavy night diaper or the HappyBear (night) diaper, the best absorbent washable diaper available at the moment. A night diaper is a lot thicker than a normal washable diaper, but this does not bother your child. And you don't have to change the bed the next day either.

How much discount do I get at Kidzstore during Real Nappy Week?

We want as many people as possible to become acquainted with washable diapers. Various brands have been discounted considerably during Real Nappy Week. We therefore do not work with a discount code, but give a direct discount on these products so that everyone, even without a discount code, can benefit from this low price.

We do our best to process all orders placed on working days before 5 p.m. the same day. Unfortunately, due to the expected crowds, we may not be able to process all orders on time. We do our best to prepare your order as soon as possible! 

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