Many (future) parents no longer see the forest for the trees. There are a huge number of brands and types of diapers available in different price ranges. In addition, you will like one brand or type of diaper better than another. It is also possible that other diapers for older babies give birth better than for newborn babies. This remains very personal. When in doubt, always first purchase a try-out washable diaper. The trial package contains all diapers and different types of inserts, so that you can first try which diapers you like best before you immediately purchase a complete starter package.

Washable diapers have undergone considerable development in recent years. Modern washable diapers are very user-friendly in contrast to the old-fashioned washable diapers from generations ago. We understand that washable diapers seem very complex, but once you've mastered the basics, it's as easy as disposable diapers. The information below will give you a good start to see how you can start using washable diapers.

Why washable diapers?

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