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WeeCare Easy panties & #8211; Meadows Bordeaux

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Features WeeCare Easy overpants & #8211; Meadows Bordeaux

  • Available in 2 sizes: Medium (6-10kg) and Large (10kg +)
  • With a soft fleece inside, comfortable for your child!
  • Danish design, with unique 100% cotton exterior
  • Oeko-Tex-100 certification
  • Use a WeeCare Onesize insert
  • Can also be used with other brands
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The WeeCare Easy diaper with Meadows Bordeaux print is a two-piece diaper that consists of the waterproof panties that can be combined with the WeeCare OneSize inserts. The cover can also be used together with other brands of diapers or inserts. The cover is the outer layer of the diaper and ensures that everything stays within the diaper, while the insert or a preformed diaper is the part that absorbs.

The cover consists of two layers of fabric. The outside of the pants is made of 100% cotton, with a Danish design and Oeko-Tex certification. Inside is a waterproof PUL fabric, with the polyester side of the PUL fabric facing inwards in the diaper. This means that the glossy plastic laminated side of the PUL fabric never comes in direct contact with the baby's skin. The back part of the WeeCare overpants has a strip of soft fleece on the inside that ensures that your child is not affected by the elastic or makes red spots on the skin. The fleece is very beautiful and comfortable to wear on the skin.

The WeeCare Easy diaper can be used as a two-part system (AI2 = All In Two), whereby the overpants are reused as long as it has not become wet or dirty or can be used as one complete diaper (AIO = All In One)

Sizes WeeCare Easy cover
The WeeCare Easy Cover is available in two sizes:
& #8211; Size Medium usually fits from 6-10 kg
& #8211; Size Large usually fits from 10 kg until your child no longer uses diapers.

Keep in mind that the weight is an indication, because children are always different in physique.

Washing instructions WeeCare Easy cover
The cover can be washed at 60 ° C and hung up to dry. It can be dried in the dryer, but this is not recommended due to environmental considerations and diaper durability.
The cover shrinks a little after washing and after many washes the color will fade a bit.

Do not wash the overpants with other bright colors and do not use plasticizers or vinegar

Composition WeeCare Easy
Exterior: 100% cotton
Waterproof on the inside: 75% polyester, 25% polyurethane
Rear part on the inside: 100% polyester fleece



Diaper system

All-In-One diaper, All-In-Two diaper, Overpants


PUL / TPU, Cotton



Of course you can also use overpants in combination with other brands of pre-formed diapers, prefolds or inserts. Pay attention to the dimensions.
You can take care of stools inserts use. You put a loose insert between your baby's buttocks and the washable diaper. Stools remain on the insert. You can throw it away in the trash after changing.
Make sure that the overpants fit well around the legs and the torso and that the diaper or inserts do not protrude. Make sure that the overpants are not too tight, otherwise you will get stretch marks. Leave approximately 2 fingers between the abdomen and the overpants.
During the day you change your baby's diaper approximately every 2 to 4 hours. At night, your child can keep the washable diaper on all night. Use the special for the nights night diapers.
  If the overpants are not dirty, you can safely use them multiple times. Change overpants after a maximum of 3 changes.  
Depending on your washing routine, you will need around 20-24 washable diapers. Possibly supplemented with extra depositors for more absorption and diapers for the nights.