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SipSnap covers


Features SipSnap covers

  • Available in 3 different colored sets
  • Completely free from BPA & #8217; s, phthalates and latex
  • Content: 3 silicone covers per set
  • Flexible & #8211; fits over every drinking cup and glass
  • Dishwasher safe
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These SipSaps are silicone covers that fit around every cup. You stretch the cover a bit and easily place it over the cup. In this way you can easily prevent wastage of drinking, because the drink will stay in the cup if you tilt it a little or walk roughly with the drink from the kitchen to the couch.

The SipSnaps are made from flexible and durable silicone. These silicones are completely free of BPA & #8217; s, phthalates and latex. Have the SipSnaps become dirty? No problem! You can simply put them in the dishwasher if they are dirty. Are you not using the SipSnaps for a while? They are very small and flexible, so you can easily tidy them up: they hardly take up any space.

SipSnaps are the first product of the Double / Double brand, set up by the mothers Sativa and Michelle. They were working together on a completely different design project and then came up with the idea of using being a parent more as inspiration for new products. And one of the things that every parent recognizes is spilling while drinking. Children hold the cup a little crooked or put it on the table incorrectly (not only children, by the way, we all sometimes suffer from it). That is how the idea for a handy silicone case for the cup to prevent tampering was born: the SipSnap! They prevent drinking waste and a wet floor. Moreover, you better cover the drinking against critters, very pleasant in the summer.

Some variants still have a take-away box. This is a temporary perk. However, these are not completely leak-free, so we do not recommend using them.