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Pocket diaper set - whale

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Features pocket diaper set & #8211; whale

  • 4 pocket diapers including 4 microfiber inserts
  • size adjustable, to be used from birth
  • belly flap, prevents a wet belly

Tip! Use extra inserts for children older than 6 months.

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Curious about the pocker diapers of Happy Flute? Then order a set with 4 pocket diapers with whales and cat print including 4 microfiber inserts.

For children older than 6 months we recommend the use of several depositors. If necessary, use extra microfiber inserts or a combination of hemp, bamboo carbon and / or bamboo inserts.

TIP! Use inserts for relief of stools.

Diaper system

Pocket diaper


PUL / TPU, Suede / Fleece


Press buttons


Happy Flute


The best thing is that a baby is not in a diaper for longer than 2 to 4 hours depending on the age. Night diapers are an exception.
You must completely replace a pocket diaper after every change, so the full pocket diaper with the inserts.
You can leave the dirty inserts in the pocket diaper. With most washing programs they fall out of the pocket diaper during the wash cycle. If you want to be sure that everything is washed well, you can remove them from the pocket diaper.
During the day you change your baby's diaper approximately every 2 to 4 hours. At night, your child can keep the washable diaper on all night. Use the special for the nights night diapers.
You can take care of stools inserts use. You put a loose insert between your baby's buttocks and the washable diaper. Stools remain on the insert. You can throw it away in the trash after changing.
Depending on your washing routine, you will need around 20-24 washable diapers. Possibly supplemented with extra depositors for more absorption and diapers for the nights.
The more your child pees, the more inserts you need. In the beginning you have enough with the supplied insert, but for older children it is more convenient to use more inserts. There are different types of inserts, each with unique characteristics. In the beginning it is to find which combination works best for your child. read here more about the different types of depositors.
The pocket diapers can in principle be used from birth to the toilet. However, a pocket diaper may turn out to be large for some babies in the first few weeks after birth. You can set the size with the press studs on the front of the pocket diaper.
Make sure you have all the essentials with you on the road. If you are changing your baby, put the dirty / used diaper in a water-resistant wetbag. When you get home, put the wetbag with used diapers in the washing machine or in a diaper bucket.