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Mattress protector


Features mattress protector

  • Ideal for toilet training
  • Can be used as fitted sheet or bottom sheet
  • Naturally soft, absorbent and breathable cotton
  • Protects against dust mites and other allergens
  • Can be washed in the washing machine and allowed in the dryer
  • Dimensions: 70 cm x 140 cm
  • Top layer: 80% cotton and 20% polyester.
  • Sides 100% polyester with elastane

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A fitted sheet, mattress protector and anti-allergy sheet in one! Ideal if your child sometimes wets the bed in the night. This fitted sheet ensures that your mattress stays dry. This mattress protector is also hypo-allergenic and protects against dust mites and bed bugs, so that you can put your child in bed with a pleasant feeling. The top is comfortable and soft for your child and also waterproof and wrinkle resistant. The lower protective layer is breathable but waterproof!

Pay attention! Do not allow the mattress protector to dry outside if your child has allergies, because the sheet acts as a pollen net.

A one-piece pacifier is more hygienic because the one-piece construction means that there are no joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can collect. Standard pacifiers usually have a slit where the nipple and shield converge, which is difficult to keep clean. Other pacifiers even have open access to the nipple that will collect a lot of dirt and bacteria. This is not the case with Natursutten pacifiers.
Natursutten pacifiers are made from 100% pure natural rubber juice from the Hevea brasiliensis tree.
All Natursutten pacifiers are available in three sizes S (0-6 months), M (6-12 months) and L (12 months and older). These sizes are only leading. Some babies prefer a larger or a smaller nipple.
The Natursutten products are made at a family business in Italy. All Natursutten products are designed and tested by ConsumerLab in Denmark and meet strict European standards.