There are several types of washable diapers available, of which the pocket diaper is the most popular model. The pocket diaper is adjustable in size, so this diaper can be used from birth to toilet training. You can use extra inserts depending on the age of your child. You can easily put this in one of the two pocket openings in the washable diaper. With most pocket diapers you will receive one or more inserts. You usually have more for older children inserts / boosters required. Experiment with the amount and type of inserts, which suits your child best. We recommend our night diapers for large ponds and the nights.

The advantage of pocket diapers over other washable diapers is that they dry quickly. The inserts are dry within 24 hours and the pocket diapers are often dry after a few hours.

What is a pocket diaper?

A pocket diaper is a washable diaper with a waterproof exterior and a soft interior made from fleece, suede or cotton, for example. In the inside of the pocket diaper is a 'bag' where you can put the inserts. pocket diaper-dinosaur We will explain more later about the differences and the advantages and disadvantages of different inserts. Most pocket diapers are adjustable in size with snap fasteners, which means they can be used in theory from birth to toilet training. In practice, most pocket diapers are still large for newborn babies. The fit is much better from 3 months.

The pocket diaper has a quick drying time because the inserts are not attached to the diaper. An advantage is that you can experiment yourself which combination inserts work best for you. Especially in the beginning this is often a bit of a search. So don't give up too soon! A pocket diaper is easy to change and is very popular with babysitters and grandparents.

Pocket diapers are available from different brands. The pocket diaper from HappyBear, for example, has double leak gutters, which greatly reduces the risk of leakage. If your child can't handle synthetic fibers that well, then the is pocket diaper from Windelzauberland with a organic cotton inside a good option.

Despite the fact that pocket diapers are suitable from birth to toilet training, we see that many parents still switch quickly to a two-part system when the children get a little older and urinate more. The pocket diapers are also less suitable for older children because they are often unable to absorb sufficiently. For older children the nights are special night diapers advised.

Features Pocket diapers

  • Fast drying time
  • Easy to change
  • Absorption capacity can be adjusted by using different inserts
  • One Size - size adjustable
  • Extra work in preparation (putting inserts in the pocket diaper)
  • Lower absorbency
  • Less suitable for large ponds and as a night diaper

Pay attention! Read the information below carefully.

Help with choosing washable diapers

If you are orientating for washable diapers, you can quickly get lost due to all the different washable diaper systems, brands and many advice. But which diaper system fits well with your child, but also with your own lifestyle and ideals? With our unique diaper selection aid With a few simple questions you can discover which diaper suits you best. If you want more information about washable diapers, please contact us for a free consultation.