For the long nights and for large peeers pocket diapers not always suitable. There are several types of night diapers

For older children and large weters, a night diaper is the ideal washable diaper to get through the night dry. Over a night diaper must have a waterproof (Pull-Up) cover or a wool cover. Compared to a two-part diaper system, the night diapers are much thicker because they consist of several layers of fabric and possibly extra inserts. The most popular night diaper is the HappyBear bamboo night diaper that can absorb at least 800 ml and the Anavy Maxi XL night diapers and Petit Lulu night diapers. A disadvantage is the long drying time of sometimes 24 to 48 hours. The night diapers are also great to use during the day. With most night diapers, such as those from HappyBear, separate inserts are supplied, which you do not need during the day, so the diaper is less thick.

The HappyFlute diapers with Velcro closure are very handy to use for babysitters or beginners, for example, because they close as easily as a normal disposable diaper. This washable diaper has a total of 6 super absorbent layers and double leak edges to prevent spray diapers or leaking. The HappyFlute diapers already have waterproof outer pants. This is a great night diaper for the first year / year and a half, but for large children you better have a night diaper. The bamboo carbon (bamboo charcoal) washable diapers are a new phenomenon. They look a lot like the pocket diapers with the double row of snaps, but they have, just like the Velcro diaper, several super absorbent layers. The bamboo charcoal fabric reduces nasty odors. In comparison with pocket diapers, the night diapers do have a longer drying time.

Features washable night diapers

  • Leakproof and suitable for large peeers
  • Can also be used during the day
  • Very thick around the buttocks
  • Long drying time

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Help with choosing washable diapers

If you are orientating for washable diapers, you can quickly get lost due to all the different washable diaper systems, brands and many advice. But which diaper system fits well with your child, but also with your own lifestyle and ideals? With our unique diaper selection aid With a few simple questions you can discover which diaper suits you best. If you want more information about washable diapers, please contact us for a free consultation.