Little Lamb diapers are currently the most loved washable diapers. They are affordable, have an excellent fit and have an excellent absorbency.

Little Lamb descent

All Little Lamb products are produced in Turkey and have an OEKO-TEX label. The brand is from Great Britain. Little Lamb diapers have been around for more than 10 years and the fit has been adjusted time and time again until it is the perfect diaper that you can buy now.

OEKO TEX certification

Oeko-tex certified pure bamboo yarn is knitted in a way that prevents loss of shape and shrinkage and promotes a long life - with careful washing they can last two or three babies.

In addition, the diaper is cut from a single piece of fabric that is folded over to create a double-layer, super-absorbent diaper with a microfleece lining. The use of microfleece instead of a bamboo core drastically reduces the drying time, because the water 'spins' almost completely in the washing machine and thus saves time and money.

The elastic - the Achilles heel of a diaper - is the best quality available.

Washing instructions Little Lamb

Read on this one page detailed washing instructions and frequently asked questions about washing Little Lamb diapers.

More Little Lamb products

In addition to the preformed diapers and the wraps When you wear bamboo diapers, we have more Little Lamb products in our range at Kidzstore. Think of trunk extenders, washable wipes and a mattress protector.