Inserts, also called boosters, are used for pocket diapers. There are several types of inserts available from different fabrics. Every depositor has its advantages and disadvantages. The more layers a depositor has, the better the absorption.

Microfiber insert

The great advantage of microfiber inserts is that they absorb moisture quickly, but can retain less moisture than the other inserts. The microfiber inserts are therefore often used for younger children or in combination with other inserts, whereby the microfiber is placed on top.

Bamboo charcoal

The microfibre layers that lie between the outer layers of the bamboo carbon absorb the urine, while the outside of the bamboo carbon carries away the urine to keep your child dry. in the fabric.


The bamboo fiber is an extremely absorbent material that is naturally resistant to bacterial growth. This makes bamboo an excellent choice as a pocket diaper insert. The antibacterial properties prevent accumulation of nasty odors and keep your inserts clean. The bamboo inserts absorb less quickly than, for example, microfiber. Use the bamboo inserts in combination with other inserts such as the bamboo charcoal or microfiber boosters. Note the bamboo insert than under the microfiber inserts.


Hemp is a natural substance known for its incredibly absorbent and anti-fungal properties. Although it may not absorb as quickly as microfiber or other substances, it will be able to absorb much more. This feature makes hemp a great insert to add to your washable diapers. Use a hemp insert for example under a microfiber or bamboo insert. This gives a maximum absorption capacity; the first insert can absorb quickly, so that the hemp insert can absorb the remaining moisture, so that you do not suffer from leaks.

Prefold inset

Prefold inserts are made from unbleached cotton muslin fabric. Prefold inserts can be used in one diaper pants and are therefore ideal if you have a limited budget for the purchase of washable diapers. A HappyBear prefold insert consists of 3 pre-folded parts. The two outer parts are made of a 4-layer absorbent cotton fabric and the middle part even consists of 6 layers. The prefold insert is unfolded approximately 36 cm x 33 cm wide.

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