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In times when the emphasis is increasingly on sustainability, washable diapers are actually indispensable in every household with young children. After all, they last much longer than disposable diapers. However, it may be even more important for you as a parent to know that washable diapers are also better for your baby. On multiple levels.

A huge advantage of washable diapers over the disposable variant is that they do not contain any chemicals. In addition, it has been found that babies who wear washable diapers from the start are toilet trained 1 year earlier. Apart from the fact that you save money anyway because the diaper lasts much longer, you also have to purchase diapers for your child for a lot less time.

Washable diapers as a sustainable solution

A good reason to choose washable diapers is the environment. That is therefore an often heard argument among young parents who do not opt for the popular disposable diapers. But what about that? What sustainable environmental benefit are washable diapers? After all, washable diapers must, for example, be washed. That also costs water and energy.

However, the disposable variant generates around 260 kilos of extra waste per baby per year, or 22 kilos per month. It is therefore a huge pile of extra waste that must be collected and processed by the municipality. That also has an impact on the environment. But your wallet also benefits from opting for a sustainable solution.

Cost savings with washable diapers

Sustainability, so attention to the environment, is a good reason to choose washable diapers. However, another major advantage is the cost saving. From birth to toilet training, an average family uses 7,000 disposable diapers, which cost between 15 and 25 cents each. That amounts to around € 1,500 in total.

Washable diapers cost a little more at the first purchase, but they also last many times longer. In total, you save between € 500 and € 1000 for one child over a period of approximately 2 years. On top of that, disposable diapers have to go to bulky waste. You pay extra for this in most municipalities. All in all, the saving can increase considerably.

Washable diapers are better for your child

It is known that disposable diapers contain a lot of chemicals, which are bad for the delicate skin of young children. This can result in a rash, or in some cases even an inflammation. This is not the case with washable diapers, because the material is more refined and softer. Also, no harmful chemicals are used in production.

In addition, the washable pants ensure that children are sooner house-trained. With the washable variant, they feel wetness faster and that is of course not pleasant. However, it will remind the child time and time again that it is smarter to put the toilet on the toilet. In this way, the washable diaper thus contributes to the personal judgment of your child.

Different types of washable diapers

Children come in all shapes and sizes and that also applies to washable diapers. Most are, however, very easily adjustable in size. In addition, the diapers are decorated with cheerful prints and crazy, bright colors. This glitzy pocket diaper with dinosaur print for example, is very popular with the little ones!

Are you mainly looking for a handy solution for the night when you and your partner are sleeping yourself? Take a look at our range of washable items night diapers. These have several absorbent layers, so that the puddle is collected extra well.

Help with choosing washable diapers

If you are orientating for washable diapers, you can quickly get lost due to all the different washable diaper systems, brands and many advice. But which diaper system fits well with your child, but also with your own lifestyle and ideals? With our unique diaper selection aid With a few simple questions you can discover which diaper suits you best. If you want more information about washable diapers, please contact us for a free consultation.