Swimming diapers

Children love water, from birth. Many parents choose to go swimming at a young age with their youngest offspring. Not just for fun, but also to get to know the basics of swimming. After all, learning young is done old. However, a good outfit is important.

Swimming diapers are the ideal solution for children up to the age of 2-3, who are not completely toilet trained. They offer all the benefits of a normal diaper, but have the added advantage that they fit well around the legs and abdomen. Any faeces, puddle or poo, will stay neatly in the swimming diaper. The water does not get polluted and you can easily change your child afterwards.

Carefree swimming with swimming diapers

Swimming diapers can be used wherever there is water. So not only in the pool, but also on the beach, by a lake or in a bath in the garden. Your child can go undisturbed or go its own way, even if the need is too high. The watertight exterior ensures that the stools cannot run out.

However, the waterproof fabric has a second important function. A normal diaper automatically sucks itself in contact with water. As a result, the pants put on and become very heavy. That is uncomfortable for your child. With good swim diapers, such as this popular item with nice whale image, that is not the case. These special diapers remain light and comfortable.

Swimming diapers in large and small sizes

One child immediately grows like a cabbage, the other only gets a growth spurt at a slightly later age. You can see these differences everywhere and they represent a challenge for clothing designers. For example, a 2-year-old child may have grown considerably, making a regular, small swimming diaper too small. The swimming diapers of the brand Alva Baby and HappyBear are ideal, however, because they are very easily adjustable in size.

Thanks to the handy push buttons, they can easily be made small - suitable for newborn children - or very large. Children up to the age of 3 can therefore also use these swim diapers effortlessly. The advantage of this is that with the purchase of one good diaper for swimming, you will be comfortable for years. So you no longer have to buy new swimming diapers or swimming trunks every summer.

A cheerful, washable swimming diaper

Some 'normal' disposable diapers are also suitable to put on while swimming. However, if your child does his or her need, the diaper will have to be thrown away. That is not the case with our swim diapers. After swimming, the pants can simply be washed. After drying, the swimming diapers are then ready for the next use.

Fortunately, the swim diapers from Alva Baby and HappyBear never get bored. That is because of the cheerful prints for both boys and girls. This variant with pirate image for example, is very popular with boys between the ages of 1 and 2 years. In addition, all swim diapers have an interior made of soft polyester. This prevents irritations.

Order reusable swimming diaper

Searching, finding and ordering good swim diapers online is very easy. After you and your child have found a nice copy, you can complete your order with a few presses of the button. You can choose to pay afterwards, or transfer the money immediately via, for example, iDEAL or PayPal. And if you order from Kidzstore before 5 p.m., your order will be delivered the next day.