Washable sanitary napkin

    Washable sanitary napkin made from soft bamboo and an absorbent microfibre core.

    LittleLamb washable sanitary napkin is an environmentally friendly, waste-free and money-saving method for your monthly cycle. There are 3 types of washable sanitary pads available. A slim panty liner, a sanitary napkin for the day and a night sanitary napkin, available in different colors. They all have a layer of super-absorbent bamboo that, in combination with a layer of microfleece, drains moisture quickly, making you feel fresher for longer.

    Why washable sanitary pads?

    Washable sanitary napkin sounds very strange and not so fresh. But nowadays more and more people find sustainable and healthy living important, so washable sanitary napkins fit very well in this time. In many disposable sanitary napkins, chemicals, plastic and chlorine are used to make the sanitary napkin absorb well and still make it thin. Many women are sensitive to these unnatural substances and therefore get an allergic reaction.

    Reusable sanitary pads are nice and soft and made from natural materials such as cotton. It feels wonderfully cool and dry and is suitable for every woman.

    With the use of washable sanitary pads, you save a lot of costs and you reduce your waste production. You can use it for years!

    How was your washable sanitary napkin?

    If you are on the road, you can easily fold the washable sanitary napkin together and store it in a lockable bag thanks to the wings with buttons. It is best to store the washable sanitary napkin separately in a separate bucket and rinse with cold water after use.

    We recommend washing on a warm (40 degrees) wash within 48 hours of use and using a non-organic washing powder.

    Bio-powders and liquids can attack the natural fibers and this will affect the absorption capacity. Do not use fabric softener.

    You can wash your sanitary napkin with other items of the same color, especially if you have rinsed the pad because most of the blood has already been washed away. You can save energy by washing the pads with other items.

    How much washable sanitary napkin do I need?

    It depends on how often you want to wash and how much you flow. The less you wash, the more you need. Note that a sanitary napkin must soak for at least 2 days if you want the stain to look good. (always use clean water) But in general you can think of:

    • 6 pieces of pantyliners
    • 6-8 piece day-sanitary napkin
    • 2-4 pieces of night-sanitary napkin