Training pants

Training a child is not nearly as easy as is often thought. After all, it is not the case that your child indicates from one day to the next that he or she must go to the toilet. Time goes by. During that period, often between the second and third year, you practice a lot unconsciously with your son or daughter. And that means a lot of extra laundry.

Practice pants then offer a solution. They are not only easy to wash out and therefore virtually unlimited in use, but they also offer another advantage. The appealing, cheerful print reduces the chance that your child will pee in the pants. And if that happens anyway, the watertight exterior ensures that the puddle is not leaking.

What are training pants?

Practice pants are similar to a normal diaper, but with a few differences. For your child that will be the appearance of the training pants. Potty training becomes a lot more fun thanks to the fun, varied prints. For boys with, for example dinosaurs and for girls with pink flamingos. It appears that children pee less often in self-chosen pants with a favorite print.

Another way in which training pants help to get clean is the water resistance of the material. This means that the puddle does not leak out, but your child does feel wet on the inside. That of course does not feel pleasant, so the next time your son or daughter will do his or her best to keep the pee up. This will make your child potty trained faster.

Practice pants for the night

During the day you are busy with the toilet training of your child. In principle, that is the moment when you can learn certain things. For example, when your son or daughter can go to the bathroom, just before it really can't be kept. However, at night you have a lot less grip on that. Certainly if your child is just getting toilet-trained, the hallway to the toilet often comes too late.

You can also leave the pants on at night. The training pants are able to catch small puddles. The watertight exterior ensures that the urine does not leak into the bed. In addition, the good fit ensures that your child is comfortable. The pants therefore have no negative influence on the quality of the night's rest.

Practice pants in final phase of toilet training

Practice pants are therefore able to collect puddles, but they do not replace a normal diaper. That means that they are not suitable for the youngest children. Because your child notices if there is a little bit of urine in the pants, it serves as a handy reminder that he / she should have gone to the toilet a little earlier.

However, training pants are not suitable for handling gigantic toddler pools. If your child is younger than 24 months, it is recommended to try disposable diapers or washable diapers. These can absorb much more moisture. The 'oh yes, I should have already gone to the toilet' function of exercise pants goes by anyway for many children under 2 years.

Simply order online exercise pants

You can order our training pants easily and quickly online. When you and your child have found a nice copy, you can pay very easily and securely via, among other things, iDEAL, PayPal, Bitcoin or credit card. You can also choose to pay securely afterwards. Thanks to the 24-hour delivery, you will then have the training pants delivered at lightning speed!