Pebble is a brand of the non-profit organization Hathay Bunano, which literally means 'handmade'. Pebble was founded in 2004 by the English Samantha Morshed, after she and her family moved to Banglasdesh, her husband's homeland.

These beautiful crocheted and knitted rattles, such as the Pebble rattle Octopus are made with great care and attention by women who live in rural areas of Bangladesh. They are paid a fair wage and have safe and honest work that they can easily combine with their rural way of life. In addition, free childcare and education is made available to all children of women working on this project.

The Pebble rattles are made from 100% fair trade organic cotton. The rattles are colorful and cheerful and are made by hand. By buying Pebble products, you contribute to safe work for hopeless women in Bangladesh training for their children!

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