Wooden toys from Jouéco are made from high quality and responsible wood.

The production process and the environment play an increasingly important role for parents in the purchase of wooden toys. Jouéco therefore ensures that all of their products are produced under these conditions. In addition to quality, the future is also being considered.

Eco friendly wooden toy

All Jouéco wooden toys are exclusively made from wood from responsible loggers. The manufacturers are all BSCI certified and meet the strictest and latest eco standards.

Good quality wooden toys

We would like to introduce you to the newest line of wooden toys from Jouéco. Be surprised by our extensive range of high-quality products. Educational wooden toys with cheerful colors, beautiful illustrations and a beautiful finish, which gives the line its own unique appearance.

Our wooden toys such as the abacus, shape oven and the discovery blocks are instructive and contribute to the creative and motor development of children. Unlike many plastic toys, our wooden toy can take a beating and lasts for many generations.