The English brand BubaBloon has developed a special fabric with which you can transform an ordinary balloon into a durable, safe, washable and reusable toy balloon. BubaBloon is lightweight, stimulates motor development and is easy to carry. The BubaBloon balloons have beautiful designs and bright colors. Great and safe toy for little ones, but also for adults.

    Bounces like a ball, floats like a balloon and is thrown like a volleyball, ideal for fun and safe play! The bright colors and fun patterns stimulate the senses. The fabric feels great and makes the product sturdy and strong. BubaBloon gives an explosion of color and fun ... but won't pop like a normal balloon! BubaBloon comes in a handy little box, making it perfect for playing at home, outdoors or when traveling. Put the BubaBloon in your diaper bag, bag or suitcase and let the fun begin! 

    The Bubodule balloons are very suitable for children with a fear of popping a balloon or with a latex allergy. But also for children with autism and seniors.

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    Bub Template is also suitable as exercise material for therapy. For more information, see the pages below:

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