In the youngest years of your child you see your little one develop. Every second is dedicated to growing, learning and discovering, getting to know the big world and, above all, having fun and enjoying. Your child will want to discover life as a blank page by looking around, listening, touching and feeling. As a parent you want the best for your little one when it comes to learning new things and playing. When purchasing toys, it is wise to consider the following things:

1. The toy that I purchase, what does my child learn and which development do I encourage?

All toys at Kidzstore have an educational value. It is extremely important to consciously choose toys that encourage the development of your little one. Motor skills, recognition and discovery of, for example, shape and color are the most important themes to stimulate playfully.

2. What material is the toy that my child will play with?

In today's world there is an abundance of mass produced toys that take little or no account of the use of materials. It is precisely in this overcrowded consumer society that it is the responsibility of the current generation to consciously deal with the material that the toys are made of, which we give to a new generation. The toys at Kidzstore are made from sustainable materials and always help a child develop while playing.

Wooden toys from Joueco

Joueco is ecofriendly. This means that this wooden toy is made exclusively from fabricated wood from responsible loggers. The manufacturers of Joueco are all BSCI certified and adhere to the latest agreed eco standard.


The English brand BubaBloon has developed a special fabric with which you can transform an ordinary balloon into a durable, safe, washable and reusable toy balloon. BubaBloon is lightweight, stimulates motor development and is easy to carry. The BubaBloon balloons have beautiful designs and bright colors. Great and safe toy for little ones, but also for adults.

Pebble Rattles

Did you know that Pebble toys are always handmade and only work via FairTrade? This means that you pay a fair price for your child's toys and you also ensure that the women who crochet these toys by hand receive a fair wage and can work safely. You thus also support families and families in poor countries.