Is your newborn baby sleeping so restlessly? Then a soft scarf is probably your life-saving tool. Your baby has been sitting nicely in the belly for 9 months and suddenly has a large bed where he can sleep. An inbakerdoek provides a secure feeling, allowing your baby to sleep earlier and longer.

What is swaddling?

It used to be a habit to wrap restless babies and improve their sleep. Swaddling is wrapping a baby firmly in cloths. Swaddle cloths are also widely used for swaddling babies.

How should I swaddle my baby?

When your baby is swaddled, the arms are placed downwards, wrapped around his body and firmly. When swaddling, the fabric must also be around the shoulders so that your baby cannot remove its arms from the swaddle cloth.

For healthy hip development, baby's legs are loosely wrapped. The cloth or bag must be closed under the feet. Free legs or feet make it easier for a baby to roll on his stomach. This is unsafe if the poor are still packed.

Make sure you wash the wrap wrapper before use. Let your baby sleep in a well-ventilated area.

Note: You must not swaddle your baby after a vaccination or in case of a fever.

Up to what age can my baby in a swaddle cloth?

Our inbakerdoeken / wraps are suitable for babies up to about 3 months. It is advisable to complete the swaddling from 3 months and to stop swallowing after 6 months at the latest, because babies can also turn around.

Tips for swaddling

Your baby must not be able to sink into the cloth or bag. The fabric of the wrap should not be able to roll up before your baby's mouth. Packed from shoulders to feet. Bottom closed, no protruding feet. Arms stretched and tightly packed to prevent your baby from rolling over. Enough space for the legs ('frog position') because of hip development. Your baby must be able to fully stretch his legs. Always place your swaddled baby on its back. Do not swallow babies older than 6 months.