These beautiful baby wraps from Je Porte Mon Bébé (JPMBB) are ideal for carrying your baby with you. This method has several advantages for your baby. For example, it stimulates cognitive, motor and emotional development, helps regulate your baby's heart rate and temperature, and helps develop non-verbal communication with your baby. Carrying your baby with you also has many advantages for parents. So you have your hands free to continue your daily activities, you can quickly meet the needs of the baby because you wear it close to you and the sling gives privacy when breastfeeding in public places.

    You can wrap and tie the JPMBB sling around you before you put your baby in the sling. This makes it easy, convenient and fast. You can choose for yourself what you and your baby like in terms of position. You can adjust it yourself without loosening the knot. For example, you can carry your baby on your stomach, hip or back. This depends entirely on what you and your baby like best.

    Important! read here the safety instructions for the JPMBB wrap wrap.