Ring Sling Sling

    Ring Sling Sling

    The Ring Sling sling is a multifunctional canvas. It can be used as a sling and feeding cloth. The sling sling is easy to use and suitable for children from 0 to 36 months.

    Do you travel a lot? Combine the ring sling sling with a handy diaper backpack.

    Breastfeeding and newborn babies If you are breastfeeding you can use the sling as support. If you lie the baby a bit deeper in the sling then you can place the fabric that is above the head over your breast and the baby so that your baby can drink calmly and not get distracted.

    You can wear a newborn baby in the so-called 'banana location' in the sling cloth. Your baby's head and back are fully supported by the sling.

    From 3 months If your baby's neck and back are slightly stronger and your baby can keep the head upright, you can carry your baby in the kangaroo seat. In this position your baby is sitting with its feet up / forward in the sling. The head then leans against the carrying strap.

    From 6 months Children feel safe and secure in a sling! You carry your baby close to you in the recommended M-position: baby's knees are higher than the legs. This way your baby will not experience any back strain and a good development of the hips will be promoted. If your child's back is strong enough, you can wear it in the hip seat. The buttocks are in the sling sling and the legs protrude from the sling on either side of your hip - or your belly if you wear more in the middle). The upper legs are higher than the buttocks and are fully supported by the wearer.

    The advice is not to carry your baby in the banana position for more than 2 consecutive hours and to alternate the side of carrying.