Windelzauberland is a German brand founded by Bea and Julia. Twins and mothers of four children. Everything started with the son of Beas, who reacted extremely well to the chemicals in disposable diapers. After trying different washable diapers, they decided to produce their own washable diapers. Moreover, their own children have made them realize how much waste disposable diapers entail.

Windelzauberland diapers

At Windelzauberland, they place great value on ecology and environmental protection, which is why they only use substances that are GOTS certified and produced in Germany and Europe. Push buttons and polyester fabric (PUL) are also Oeko-Tex 100 certified and approved for children under 3 years of age. The Windelzauberland products are made in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland and ensure short transport distances in order to leave a minimum possible ecological footprint. The Weeza Covers have been developed with the help of various test mothers until they have found the optimum fit. All designs are specially designed for Windelzauberland by graphic designers and have a license.

Vision Windelzauberland

They have set themselves the goal of convincing more and more parents of the benefits of washable diaper diapers, which will allow children to live in a more beautiful and cleaner world. With today's waste problem, it is imperative to create an alternative to disposable diapers and to convince our "disposable society" for more sustainability and love for the environment.