HappyBear was founded in 2018 by two young fathers. As a brand new parent a lot of information comes to you and you want the best for your upcoming child. As if finding out the name is not difficult enough, with a highly pregnant woman full of hormones, you have to make the choice whether to 'breastfeed' you and whether you may want to use washable diapers.

Fortunately, the choice for washable diapers was quickly made, but then you end up in the magical world of washable diapers. So many brands and well-intended advice that we eventually tried out many different diapers and brands. One brand worked better than the other, but the perfect diaper wasn't among them. This was the start of HappyBear.

The quality of HappyBear

All HappyBear products have been extensively tested for harmful chemicals and are made from the best quality fabrics available.

Better for the environment

Several national and international institutions have demonstrated that washable diapers are better for the environment, including the Dutch Consumer Association and the Environmental Center. The use of washable diapers greatly reduces the amount of residual waste from families switching to washable diapers. This is especially true if the diapers are used for several children (in succession).

Very absorbent

It took many months of testing and designing, but the perfect diaper was born! Our tests have shown that our bamboo diaper is the best absorbent washable diaper available today.