Cheeky Baby Wipes wipes save money, the planet and the buttocks of your baby!

What are Cheeky Wipes wipes?

Cheeky Wipes are washable fabric wipes that you can reuse. The Cheeky Wipes system consists of a sealed box, soft terry baby wipes, oils, a laundry net and a transport bag. There are two kits available and you can also buy the wipes separately. The use of washable baby wipes is really very simple. To make it easy for you, we recommend starting with our all-in-one Cheeky Wipes Kit, because it contains everything you need to get started, whether you use washable diapers or disposable diapers. Here's a little more about what it contains:

Cheeky Wipes wipes

Cheeky Wipes are available in various fabrics such as bamboo and cotton that meet your needs. All our wipes can be used to clean the buttocks, hands and face. The choice of fabric depends on your preference. The white cotton terry cloths are our all-round standard wipes.

If you have one baby that you change on average 5 times a day, 25 wipes are enough. The Cheeky Wipes sets are supplied as standard in sets of 25 pieces. Depending on your washing routine and if you also want to use the wipes to clean your face and hands, you may need more wipes and you can extra set of wipes purchase. In general, 50 wipes are very pleasant.

We recommend that you soak your wipes in advance in the Cheeky Wipes box. Soak as many wipes as you use per day (10 at a time) because the wipes can become stale. It is also a good idea to use our dirty cloth oil to soak your dirty cloths. It is antibacterial and keeps the dirty wipes fresh in their box until it is time to wash them.

If you soak your wipes, the sealed boxes are a must! The Cheeky Wipes boxes can hold a maximum of 50 wet wipes at a time and come with a lid that opens easily, perfect if you have a busy toddler. They are also splash-proof, but not completely waterproof (the hinged opening means that it can never be completely waterproof).

The Cheeky Wipes boxes also come with handy hooks to attach your laundry bag. This makes it easy to remove and pinch it in the washing machine, without touching the dirty wipes.

Benefits of Cheeky Wipes

  • No worries about harsh chemicals on baby skin.
  • The Cheeky Wipes baby wipes save you money - at least € 300 compared to disposable baby wipes
  • Fabric baby wipes are environmentally friendly and ensure less waste
  • Washable baby wipes that are soft and comfortable for your baby - contains only water and 0.16% essential oils!