Bambi Roxy is a small Slovak family business. Their priorities lie in making ecological, safe and handmade quality products. Bambi Roxy has almost 10 years of experience with the production and distribution of washable diapers. They implement the strictest safety and ecological standards and only employ experienced and trained personnel. Every product that they offer is made by employee experience and has undergone a checking procedure. All products are certified and usually made from ecological materials such as bamboo, organic cotton, wool or hemp. All Bambi Roxy products come with a 3-year warranty. They rely so much on their quality that they want to offer such a period. If the diaper shows wear on some parts, from the hook and loop closure or a broken seam, they will, if possible and safely, repair the product free of charge. Bambi Roxy is constantly working to improve their products and regularly supplement their portfolio with new prints and designs.

Bambi Roxy is a small company. Since 2011 they offer washable diapers on the Slovak and European market. The diapers are made from European quality some products, also from American materials. At every step they place a strong emphasis on the quality, ecology and innovativeness of their products.