Why do you choose a Pura bottle?

Picking out a bottle for your child can be quite a challenge. You want a safe product, but it must also be affordable and environmentally friendly.

  • One Pura bottle can be used for years by changing the silicone cap.
  • Five universal Pura silicone caps, from teat to sports cap
  • Drinking in the bottle will not taste like plastic or metal
  • Insulated bottle for hot and cold drinks
  • A handy bottle for different activities in a day
  • Pura bottles are available in 6 sizes: from 125 ml to 850 ml
  • The Pura bottles can last for years, they are long-term reusable durable stainless bottles
  • The bottles are 100% plastic-free
  • The Pura bottle is made of stainless steel, stainless steel, and therefore fully recyclable
  • They are environmentally friendly

How did Pura start?

Every drinking bottle on the market still contains plastic in one form or another. The teats, the bottle, the closable caps, etc. The only solution was to create a Pura bottle that is 100% plastic-free ... AND IT HAPPENED! If you want a real plastic-free drinking bottle, then look no further!

What are the Pura bottles made of?

These 100% plastic-free bottles from Pura are made from high-quality stainless steel and have no coating on the inside. This makes the bottle free of bacteria and there will be no bad smells and a bad taste.

Pura's motto is 'One Life ... One Bottle'. The Pura caps fit all Pura bottles. For example, the bottles can be used from baby to adult by changing the caps.

Pura bottles are super strong, completely plastic-free and durable. The Pura bottles have a lifelong guarantee and also look beautiful with cheerful colors and beautiful design. The large neck opening makes it easy to keep the bottles clean, even in the dishwasher!

How should I clean and sterilize the Pura bottles?

All parts of the unpainted Pura bottles (the bottle, the spout, the teat, the metal ring, the straw and the protective lid) are dishwasher safe. You can also simply wash it by hand and use a mild soap. Avoid the use of antibacterial or strong cleaning agents, as they can damage the silicone parts. The teats will last longer if they are carefully cleaned by hand. You can put the bottle and its parts in boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes to sterilize, after the pan has been removed from the heat and the water is no longer boiling actively. For the painted bottles it is important that they do not come into contact with the pan or the metal surface. The silicone parts can also be sterilized in the microwave.

For frequently asked questions about the Pura bottles, please refer to this one page.

The Pura bottles have a limited lifetime warranty, look here for the conditions thereof.