Between sleeping and discovering new sounds, smells, colors and taste, the most important thing is that your little one receives good nutrition in the best possible way. It is the period for your baby to strengthen itself and to be able to grow.

With the right food that you choose as a parent, you also have to think about how you can give it to your little one in a fun and pleasant way. That starts, for example, with the choice of which bottle to use for feeding. Since the health of your child is always paramount, it is useful that you also look at the material from which the bottle is made. Pura makes all bottles of high-quality stainless steel and 100% free of plastic. In addition, no coating is used on the inside so that the bottle is free of bacteria and no unpleasant odors and strange flavors are created. In addition, the special ones silicone teats also 100% plastic free and easy to change, also with a possibility to place one straw so that the bottle can later also be used for older children or adults.

Of course not to be missed when feeding is the spillage and the accidents that we all know. You can go to Kidzstore for all the mess. There are special sets with pointed bibs even messy aprons to help you deal with accidents as pleasantly as possible. All point bibs and messy aprons have nice patterns so that every time one goes into the wash a surprising new pattern can be used with the next meal.