happy-bear-washable-diaper experience

It has been a long time since we received a nice blue package: the test package Happy bear! What we were allowed to test: wet bag, preformed bamboo diaper, swimming diaper, diaper pants and prefold.

To start with the wetbag, we have now bought two more so it may be clear that we are a fan! The prints first of course of course. Handy are the two compartments that close with a zipper. Sometimes you just don't want to keep everything together. The hanging loop is also handy, especially since it can also be released with a snap button. Wetbags are always handy, which is why there is always one in the diaper bag, one in the car and another in reserve to use when another is in the wash. I have to say we don't even use them for diapers alone. Also ideal for wet washable wipes and wipers or actually for all types of laundry.

We got one swimming diaper with fish super fitting and very nice. Nice fit, does its job well. And especially so much more fun than a disposable swimming diaper! Because it's so nice, we ordered a wet bag with the same print for swimming, so we can swim in style.

The prefold is nice and soft and quick to dry. Prefold folding is not for us. There are enough parents for whom that works, but we found folding not useful and go for a different system. Fortunately there is a lot of choice in washbar laurel land, also with Happy Bear. But the fact that we do not like folding does not mean that the prefold is unemployed here. It is a handy thing for anything and everything. We use the prefold as a base, for example when changing or as a mattress protector in bed. The prefold captures a lot of moisture, is easy and hot to wash and dries quickly. Compared to other brands of prefolds that we also had in house, that of Happy Bear remains the best in model.

The preformed diaper and the diaper pants. It is a thick suit, especially with the two included inserts in it. The diaper is nicely finished, soft, has small buttons but closes with Velcro. The Velcro strap closure I find myself a plus, nice and easy. Although we are now aware that it is handy that the diaper pants with buttons close because the little man now gets a Velcro or disposable diaper. The preformed diaper can be used with two or one or without inserts. Although it is a large package, it does not get in the way of our little man. We use this diaper at night but in the evening it is also crawled around. The diaper pants have double leak gutters (plus!) And many smaller options. So you can use the pants and also the pre-formed diaper for a long time. Drying takes a while but yes this diaper can absorb a lot of moisture. We are very happy with it, these will certainly be ordered.

In short, Happy Bear is a must!

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