wooden rainbow photo

Montessori toys are not only fun but also help very well in the development of children. The Montessori toys are aimed at helping children in a playful way with their development. The toy is made from natural materials, wood, cotton and wool.

Motor skills
Montessori toys also help with the development of fine motor skills. For example the wooden bead board training game is good for fine motor skills because children must place the balls on the board with precision. Also the wooden beaded stickstimulates this fine motor skills because children must string the beads on a wooden stick.

Hand eye coordination
Hand-eye coordination is very important for young children. We also have different kinds of toys for that, such as the wooden rainbow, the wooden dolphin balance game and more. Because your child must grab the toy, build something, and keep it in balance, hand-eye coordination develops.

Montessori also helps toys with other developments such as recognizing colors, learning to count and communication skills. In other words, montessori toys are educational and stimulate development and are fun entertainment for all young children.

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